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My journey to find my current position as the creative director of a small creative agency in Huntsville Alabama started in my early twenties. I was working as a weekend front desk receptionist for a real estate company in Southern California. One weekend, an agent came in needing some quick flyers printed for a listing they were looking to sell. This particular weekend I had decided to pass the mundane time of sitting at the front desk by reading through PDF tutorials on how to use Photoshop. Instead of just printing the regular flyers that the agents would put together in a Word document, I asked if I could design the one the agent needed. In an hour I had a fairly impressive design and printed them for the open house. The agent insisted on having me design all her flyers from that point forward. I have been working in digital, print, and web design in some capacity ever since. I moved to Huntsville in 2006 and have had one design job after another. From freelance, to working 10 years as an in house digital design manager of a fortune 500 corporation, I started to make a name for myself in this town.  I was approached in late July of 2023 by the owner and creative director of the small creative firm called Bold Agency. Her team was small but had been getting impressive contracts both locally and nation wide. She was looking to take on more of a administrative role with her company and needed a full time creative director to ensure projects moved forward and the team worked harmoniously. I accepted.

I believe the aspect of my working experience that got me hired was my thoughts to bring the structured workflows from the corporate environment to this small team. I had previously brought an Agile work environment for projects to my creative team at an organization called Adtran. They are a telecommunications corporation whom I had worked for 10 years first in marketing, and then in IT. I felt I could bring all the benefits of an Agile workflow, which provides project transparency, accountability, organization, and good reflective data, to this smaller agency and improve their effectiveness. And that is what I have been doing since I was hired in September.

So now I work with a team of about 10 creatives and we handle projects like way-finding signage, websites, animation, photography and print.


Bold Agency consists of around 8 full time employees. The culture is a very laid back, family-style environment that is a lot of fun. The agency wins  diverse and high profile projects both locally and nation wide. I enjoy the close-knit team dynamic the agency promotes.


My main job is to ensure projects are moving forward toward client approval and completion. The team meets every morning at 10am for our morning “stand-up”. We discuss the previous days work, the projects we will be working on that day, and any aspects that are a barrier to us moving those projects forward.

Throughout the day I am looking at our project management platform (ClickUp) for tasks that are moved into my bucket to review, give feedback, and approve. I have certain client accounts that I am lead on so I need to stay in constant connect with them to ensure we are moving their projects forward.

Tom Patterson

Author Tom Patterson

A Creative Director / Digital Experience Solutions Manager for the last 5 years with SAAS and Telecommunications companies running designers as well as web/app developers in an fast paced Agile working environment. With a traditional print and digital design creative background for both corporate and small design agency companies, I thrive in campaign and event strategy and execution. I love working with and leading other creative designers and developers. I believe positive team dynamics and clear communication are key to project success.

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